A Letter from the Nadcap Management Council Chairperson

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A Letter from the Nadcap Management Council Chairperson

24 January 2013

Dear Primes, Suppliers, Auditors and PRI Staff,

We are already mid January 2013, so I take this opportunity for renewing my best wishes for the New Year and for giving you some news as we are only few weeks ahead of the February Nadcap meeting in Dallas.

I have been Chair of the Nadcap Management Council (NMC) for 2 years now and I think it is the right time to give you some progress updates.

When I took the Chair role I pointed out that my primary objectives were:

• To maintain the quality of Nadcap audits and continually improve the Nadcap accreditation process

• To extend the reach of Nadcap and increase the participation of Primes and Suppliers from Asia and Europe

• To ensure that the expectations and values of the global aerospace industry are integrated into the Nadcap program

• To guarantee that Nadcap accreditation meets the need of all stakeholders, aerospace authorities, Primes and Suppliers in a fair and equitable manner

• To introduce new initiatives to facilitate access to the Nadcap program for all

To meet these objectives, a lot has already been done and I would like to thank and congratulate those who have actively contributed. I would like to also highlight the excellent work conducted by the Supplier Support Committee (SSC) and PRI to support those objectives.

I am fully convinced of the benefit of the Nadcap program for the whole aerospace industry and I do think that the actions in place fully support program improvements:

• The NMC structure and the synergy with Task Groups (TGs) were enhanced and this is now supported by a powerful dashboard

• A continued focus on program metrics and the implementation of specific actions will lead to auditor consistency enhancements, contributing to a maintained high quality level of Nadcap audits and accreditation process

• Several Supplier symposia were held in Europe and Asia and the SSC and PRI implemented great initiatives to support newcomers. All these actions supported a continued increase of Nadcap accredited Suppliers worldwide and the entry in the program of significant Primes such as Embraer, COMAC, GKN Aerospace and Eaton Aerospace

• Communication on Nadcap program value and Primes roles and responsibilities were developed and distributed. Prime contributions to the program were also assessed and outcomes were shared with each Prime. The feedback received demonstrated that a more and fair equitable contribution can be anticipated

• Finally, significant actions were also conducted to mitigate risks across the program

During the next twelve months the NMC main priorities are to focus on:

• Finalizing a Process Maturity Model for identifying future areas of improvement

• Pursuing TG development on \”Measurement & Inspection\” and explore potential new TGs such as \”Metallic Raw Material Manufacture\” and \”Forging/Casting Manufacture\”

• Holding Supplier symposia in Europe (France, UK), Asia (China, Japan) and explore symposia in other areas such as South America

I would like to reiterate the invitation to join the Nadcap program for those Primes and Suppliers that are not involved yet.   I am looking forward to meeting you at the Nadcap meetings this year in Dallas (February 18-22), Paris (June 3-7) and Pittsburgh (October 21-25).

Best regards

Pascal Blondet, Airbus
Nadcap Management Council Chair