A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair

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A Letter from the Nadcap SSC Chair

09 July 2015

The June 2015 Nadcap meeting in Montreal concluded on June 25, with total supplier attendance of 228. I’m sending this overview of SSC and other meeting activities to brief those who could not attend. Also, for attendees, we hope to support your efforts in briefing your management and showcasing the value of continued attendance.

Of prime importance, the PRI Board of Directors rolled out a new initiative to increase the value of Nadcap participation for all participants – subscribers and suppliers alike, and especially the 93% of suppliers who cannot attend meetings. Key initiative elements include free one-day regional technical symposia for suppliers, regular written communication on technical and substantive issues related to Nadcap, and eAuditNet/PRI website enhancements. The SSC will be involved, and we’ll keep you posted.

At the same time, our SSC General Meeting matched the Board’s initiative. In two of three working-group breakouts, we focused on support for suppliers who cannot attend. In one, we asked, “What if this was your last Nadcap meeting?” Our intent was to identify information and services suppliers need to navigate the Nadcap program if unable to attend meetings. In another, we asked a supplier focus group to rate the value of Nadcap program information available on eAuditNet and the PRI website.

Other highlights included:

Keys to a Successful Audit: New Leadership team member Arno Toelkes shared lessons learned from many years of Nadcap audits. Both new as well as seasoned Suppliers appreciated Arno’s insights into successful audit preparation.

Subscriber Updates: Robin McGuckin from Bombardier and Dave Bale from Pratt & Whitney Canada gave engaging, well-received presentations about their respective organizations programs and supply-chain management including the role Nadcap plays. Mike Coleman then discussed new Boeing flow down policies- an item of critical importance for our community.

Understanding and Using Nadcap Metrics: Glenn Shultz from PRI provided an in-depth look at the various metrics Nadcap bodies use to judge the health of the program, and how Suppliers can use those metrics for their own benefit.

Nadcap from a Staff Engineer’s Perspective: PRI’s Mark Aubele spoke about the role and responsibilities of the Staff Engineers, giving suppliers insight in to how Nadcap looks from the “other side”. Mark provided valuable information and guidelines for contacting the Staff Engineers before, during and after the audit.

The presentations mentioned above will be available in eAuditNet at Resources/Documents/Public Documents/Supplier Support Committee (SSC)/Montreal June 2015 Presentations.

Other key information from the Montreal meeting that may be of interest to your companies includes:

  • Document Transition: Nadcap’s new governing documents are in place. The fundamental document, Program Document (PD) 1100, is supported by 23 Operating Procedures (OP) that provide detailed guidance for program operation. Look in eAuditNet for a document cross-referencing information between the old NOPs and NIPs and the new OPs.(eAuditNet at Resources/Documents/Public Documents/Procedures and Forms/Operating Procedures)
  • OASIS Identification Numbers (OIN): PRI recently requested that suppliers holding an OIN for quality system certification other than AC 7004, verify/update that OIN in eAuditNet at your next approval. Expect another request for accelerated action on this request, as PRI seeks to add functionality to track non-7004 accreditation lapses. The SSC believes maintaining accurate, up-to-date profile information benefits suppliers, and recommends supporting PRI on this issue.
  • Self-Audits – I need to provide new information, and clarify a previous comment about submitting self-audits to the assigned auditor. Most task groups required these submissions, but others did not. Accordingly, NMC standardization Committee voted to standardize mandatory submission across all task groups. A sub-team has been formed to determine the scope of the submission. I’m a member of that sub-team, and I solicit your comments.
  • Task Group Representatives to the SSC: Each Task Group is allotted a representative to liaise between the SSC and Task Group leadership. Currently, Fluids Distribution Systems, MTL, NMSE, Elastomeric Seals and Sealants have no SSC reps. Anyone interested in filling these vacancies, should contact either the SSC, your Task Group Staff Engineer, or Connie Hess at PRI.

Minutes of all Montreal Task Group and SSC meetings will be published on the PRI website by July 13, 2015. Copies of other presentation are available in eAuditNet at Resource/Documents/Public Documents.

Looking ahead to the October meeting, look for agendas on the PRI website the week of July 20th. Be sure to book your hotel early! Reservation details are available now on the  PRI website.

In closing, remember that the SSC exists to serve and support you. To that end, I encourage anyone with feedback, questions, suggestions, or concerns to contact us via the SSC Request Form. We’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Tom Newton
SSC Chair