BMT Aerospace Explains Benefit of Professional Development Customization

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BMT Aerospace Explains Benefit of Professional Development Customization

05 August 2011

Since 2004 when the first PRI professional development classes were held, customer needs have evolved. Initially, many favored public courses, where employees learn alongside their peers from other companies. Recently, however, there has been an increased demand for on-site courses, as quality directors catch on to the benefits of the customized content, hands-on workshops and reduced travel expenses that come from having courses at your own facilities and keeping employees ‘on-site’.

In 2010, 28 onsite courses were conducted globally, with Asia conducting 2 onsites for the first time. Over 600 people received onsite training at their facilities, an increase of 148% in the number of attendees compared with 2009.

BMT Aerospace recently received instructor Reinhold Kociorski at their facilities, for their first onsite training class in Process FMEA. Quality director, Dirk Aertssen explains how his company benefited from customization:

“Together with our instructor, Reinhold, we decided to focus on theory for the first day of training. We then opted for a practical workshop on the second day, in which we could perform FMEA’s on our own processes. Using our own examples was a great experience and much better than the examples from the training material (which we skipped). We were able to choose exercises according to our own priorities. I now know Reinhold is very flexible in giving workshops and I believe this is really the best formula for us.” Instructor Reinhold Kociorski was also enthusiastic about his experience at BMT. ‘An excellent learning curve arose as the real problems and situations experienced by the company were worked on directly. We were able to give an introduction to the topic in light of BMT’s internal situation.’

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