Chemical Processing – Science of Engineering

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Chemical Processing – Science of Engineering

27 July 2016

To support the aerospace industry, eQuaLearn is launching a new course called Chemical Processing: The Science and Engineering of Anodizing. This course was developed by Nadcap Lead Chemical Processing Auditor, Bill Corcoran. Bill has been an auditor with the Performance Review Institute since 2010 and an eQuaLearn instructor since 2011. He designed this course to clarify and explain the science and engineering behind chemical processing techniques used to modify and enhance surface properties and performance. The course objective is to provide knowledge of the anodizing process and to demonstrate the important differences between chromating, anodizing and plating with particular reference to the importance of the alloy and the process solutions and chemistry involved. This two-day course aims to facilitate the understanding of preparation, processing and stripping of chromating and various types of anodizing and their effects on the final product properties and to ensure an understanding of key lot and periodic tests and their significance. Additionally, this course provides a chemical approach for a better awareness of the importance of written instruction and procedures and will illustrate the value of records and their review.

Course topics include:

  • Basic Knowledge of Anodizing and Their specifications
  • Role of Planning & Contract Review Common
  • Tooling/Racking & Masking
  • Pre-treatment
  • Conversion Coating
  • Chromic/Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
  • Hard Anodizing
  • Stripping
  • Periodic Testing/Solution Control

eQuaLearn will conduct the first Chemical Processing: The Science and Engineering of Anodizing class in Anaheim, CA, U.S.A. on 10-11 November 2016. To learn more about this training or any other eQuaLearn courses, please visit or email .