eQuaLearn Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Announced

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eQuaLearn Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Announced

12 June 2015

In April 2015, eQuaLearn released a survey to customers who have taken a training class in the last three years, including those who participated in a complimentary course at a Nadcap meeting.  Over 300 customers participated in the survey. The aim of the survey was to measure how well eQuaLearn is meeting their training expectations.

Why eQuaLearn Training?

45% of respondents indicated that the intended purpose of attending eQuaLearn training was to improve their knowledge of the subject being taught.  32% responded by saying the objective was to improve their company’s Nadcap audit performance, and 23% hoped to improve their personal work performance.

When asked to rate whether the training they attended met their intended purpose, 88% agreed that it did. Further, 52% of respondents reported additional benefits to attendance, with comments such as: “The training expanded my knowledge base and supported my promotion,” and “The training enabled me to pass on vital information to the Heat Treat Department which had been missing due to the lack of knowledge of AMS2750E.”

The interaction with the eQuaLearn team also scored highly, with 92% of customers satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge of the team.

When asked whether they were likely to sign up for more eQuaLearn training in the future, an overwhelming majority of respondents (95%) said they were likely to do so.

About the Survey Respondents

337 people took the Survey. 38% of the Survey respondents have worked in aerospace for over 15 years, while 33% have been in the industry less than 5 years. The remaining respondents have worked in aerospace between 5 and 15 years.

67% work in Quality, 14% in Engineering, 12% in Manufacturing, 6% in Production and 1% in Human Resources or Training departments.

In terms of eQuaLearn courses that customers attended, almost one-third of respondents (32%) attended courses associated with Heat Treatment, such as Introduction to Pyrometry, while 16% of respondents attended Nadcap Audit Preparation or Nadcap Checklist Review classes, and 16% attended Root Cause Corrective Action classes. These results are consistent with eQuaLearn data regarding course popularity.

About eQuaLearn

eQuaLearn was established to deliver outstanding learning solutions by providing global industry-driven training and to add value to the Nadcap program by improving the quality of personnel, products and processes. Since its launch in 2007, eQuaLearn has aimed to act as a portal for industry knowledge by offering training on relevant topics while being cost-neutral. To date, thousands of customers worldwide have benefitted from Nadcap, quality and special process-related eQuaLearn training courses.

To learn more about eQuaLearn training and upcoming dates and locations, please visit eQuaLearn.com