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eQuaLearn Onsite Feedback

12 March 2016

Merve ÇATAROĞLU, the Repair Project Leader at Turkish Engine Center, Pratt & Whitney THY Technic Engine Maintenance Center in Istanbul, Turkey shares feedback on her company’s recent onsite training experience in an interview with eQuaLearn.

Q: Could you please tell us a little about your company?

A: The Turkish Engine Center is a joint venture company between Turkish Technic and Pratt & Whitney, specializing in CFM56® and V2500® engine overhaul and repair. Established in 2009, the facility is located at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and has performed more than 400 engine overhauls.

Q: What eQuaLearn training did you do and what made you choose eQuaLearn?

A: We did Heat Treating Operations training. As we all know, working in aviation industry involves compliance to many rules and regulations. For this reason, all of the training content has to be approved and authorized by the quality assurance team. Since eQuaLearn is very flexible at tailoring the training content and there are many types of training available, the TEC Quality Assurance Department has chosen eQuaLearn for our training.

Q: What was the main reason for choosing onsite training instead of a public class?

A: By choosing onsite training we had a chance to apply the newly acquired knowledge on our shop floor immediately. When trainees learn something new from their trainer, they also wish to see how that knowledge can be applied in their work. That’s the main reason of choosing onsite training.

Q: What were the goals of the training from your perspective?

A: According to the aviation industry regulations, when a new technician is hired, he/she has to undergo theoretical and job training for a length of time. Following this training, he/she gets authorized to do his/her job. Our goals were to pass the theoretical and practical knowledge of the specific points of relevant processes on to new technicians to prepare them for the jobs they would soon be authorized to do.

Q: Were there other benefits of having the class onsite rather than attending public classes?

A: When you choose public training, trainees may come from many different departments related to the process you’re getting trained on. All of the trainees want to learn something specific to their job roles which may be irrelevant to their co-learners. TEC wanted to maximize the benefit of training for their personnel by choosing more tailor-made onsite training.

Q: How satisfied are you with the skills and knowledge acquired during the training?

A: Everybody knows the basic operations in their processes. However, every operation also has some specific features. These features allow the operator to do his/her job better. We believe that success is in the detail. Because of the eQuaLearn training, we have been able to acquire the detailed knowledge to do our job best.