eQuaLified Launches Industry Managed Examinations

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eQuaLified Launches Industry Managed Examinations

08 June 2015

The eQuaLified program is pleased to announce the launch of the first industry-managed special process examinations.  Individuals from aerospace OEMs, suppliers, airlines, training organizations and others can now take online examinations and receive a certification acknowledged by the greater aerospace industry.

The following examinations will be available online from Monday June 8 2015, to access them please click here.

Heat Treating:

Operator Level:

  • PR000071  Pyrometry Operator Process per PD6103-HTBoK-005/OP-1
  • PR000072 Pyrometry Operator Metrology per PD6103-HTBoK-005/OP-1

Planner Level:

  • PR000069 Pyrometry Planner Process per PD6103-HTBoK-003/PL-2
  • PR000070 Pyrometry Planner Metrology per PD6103-HTBoK-004/PL-2

Examination questions follow the structure and content of the corresponding Body of Knowledge and qualification is valid for five years.  Each examination was beta tested by eQuaLified Subscribing members, validating the length, content, readability and level of difficulty.  Examinations pull questions at random from larger question banks.  The time limit for each exam is two hours and is considered open book.

The Industry has worked very hard over the last few years, from the eQuaLified Management Council establishing program requirements to the Review Boards developing Bodies of Knowledge and examination questions.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this activity, particularly the Heat Treating Review Board members for the hard work that went into developing the Bodies of Knowledge and related examinations.


For more information on the eQuaLified Program please click here.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how the examinations might be of benefit to you or your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.