Make the Most of your eQuaLearn Training

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Make the Most of your eQuaLearn Training

28 November 2016

With the start of the new year just around the corner, eQuaLearn training dates and locations are now available for registration. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your eQuaLearn training.

eQuaLearn Membership – Become a member

eQuaLearn offers three different membership opportunities – Individual, Corporate, and Company. The individual membership is beneficial if you plan on attending or plan on sending an employee to multiple training sessions throughout the year.

With the Individual Membership, that person would receive:

  • 50% discount for unlimited public courses
  • 50% discount on webinar enrollments for twelve months

This may be a membership to consider for a new hire, the best way to ensure you get them booked on the relevant courses at the best price. The Corporate and Company Memberships can help you save on trainings for several of your colleagues within twelve months on both our public and onsite training sessions.

With the Company Membership, you would receive:

  • 15% discount on public courses registration fees for 25 enrollments
  • 10% off each onsite session, 10 free public webinar enrollments

If 25 employees are trained in 12 months in public or onsite sessions, the member is entitled to 2 free public enrollments.

With a Corporate Membership, you would receive:

  • 15% discount on registration fees for unlimited enrollments
  • 15% discount on all onsite sessions
  • 25 free public webinar enrollments

You can view the membership brochure here on the eQuaLearn website.

Have a look at our schedule early in the year

Be proactive!! If you work with a specific commodity or have an audit in 2017, plan for your training now. Check out our America, Asia and Europe pages on the eQuaLearn website for a complete list of Course Schedules. Contact a member of the eQuaLearn team to help you plan at best as possible for your training needs.

Onsite training sessions are available

If you need training for several of your colleagues, an onsite training session might be the answer. Onsite training gives you the opportunity to choose the date of the training that works best for your employees’ schedule. It also allows your company to save on logistics costs as our expert instructor comes to you! All courses in the eQuaLearn catalog are available for an onsite training session, so contact a member of the eQuaLearn team if you have any question.

Don’t forget about webinars!

eQuaLearn offers a range of Quality webinars as well as Heat Treatment specific webinars all year long. Webinar trainings allow you to have to classroom experience with the convenience of following the course from the comfort of your own desk at a great price. An instructor teaches the webinar in live time, allowing you to ask questions throughout the webinar training. Webinars are held from both the United States and Europe offices so check out what webinar would best suit your time zone.

The eQuaLearn team is available for any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to get in touch at