MedAccred Introduces Plastics Extrusion Audit Criteria, Issues First Accreditation



MedAccred Introduces Plastics Extrusion Audit Criteria, Issues First Accreditation

23 April 2018

Plastics Extrusion has been added to the growing list of audit opportunities available through MedAccred, the medical device industry’s collective approach to critical process supply chain oversight. Companies seeking MedAccred Accreditation can now gain industry recognition for Cable and Harness, Heat Treating, Plastics Injection Molding, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Sterilization and Welding, as well as Plastics Extrusion.

This newest opportunity, Plastics Extrusion, comprises audit criteria which covers Tubing/Profile, Sheet, Film, Blown Film, Over-Jacketing, Co-Extrusion and Ram Extrusion. The audit criteria are developed by leaders in the medical device industry who are part of the MedAccred program and are focused on improving product quality and patient safety.

Sunlite Plastics of Germantown, Wisconsin USA has become the first manufacturing facility in the world to achieve MedAccred Plastics Extrusion Accreditation, with a Scope of Accreditation covering Tubing/Profile Extrusion. Following the MedAccred audit, technical experts from leading medical device companies reviewed the audit findings and corrective actions before voting on granting each MedAccred Accreditation.

Other companies are now looking to gain Accreditation to the new MedAccred Plastics Extrusion audit criteria.

Joe Pinto, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute, the not-for-profit organization that administers MedAccred on behalf of the medical devices industry, comments: “I am very proud that PRI is able to support the growth of MedAccred and enable the medical device industry to strengthen the supply chain through this Accreditation. Credit must be given to the pioneers, like Sunlite Plastics, who step up to this rigorous evaluation of their systems, processes and industry best practices to achieve their MedAccred Accreditation from industry.”