Nadcap celebrates outstanding individuals

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Nadcap celebrates outstanding individuals

11 July 2012

Industry leaders were recognized for their contribution and commitment at the June 2012 Nadcap meeting in Berlin, Germany.

Five outgoing members of the Nadcap Management Council were recognized for their dedication and hard work:

  • Ed Self of M7 Aerospace
  • Daniella Picciotti of Raytheon
  • Henry Johansson of Volvo Aero Corp.
  • Bryan Cupples of Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Martha Hogan-Battisti of The Boeing Company

Two members were given awards for their support and contribution to the Supplier Support Committee:

  • Johanna Lisa of Valley Metal Treating
  • Jerry Wahlin of AAA Plating & Inspection

The next award was given to two individuals for their contributions to translating the Conventional Machining checklists into Chinese:

  • Iris Niu of Goodrich Corporation
  • Han Liyong of GE Aviation

Three individuals were recognized for the outstanding support given to their respective Task Groups:

  • For Materials Testing: James Hartman of Honeywell Aerospace
  • For Heat Treating: Tom Norris of Goodrich Corporation
  • For Sealants: Suzanna DeMoss of 3M

The final award recognized Phil Keown of GE Aviation for his leadership in the Nadcap program.  He has supported Nadcap for the past 21 years, and has served as Chairperson of the Non-Destructive Testing Task Group for the last 15 years.

Joe Pinto, Vice President and COO of the Performance Review Institute (the not-for-profit organization that administers Nadcap), expressed his personal thanks to all the above individuals for the work they have put in to make the program what it is today. He added, “Nadcap is a truly international program and has developed to a standard for entry into the aerospace industry. This is due to the work which all Subscribers and Suppliers put in, to create an exceptional quality assurance program.”