Nadcap Global Supplier Survey Released

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Nadcap Global Supplier Survey Released

20 November 2013

In an effort to drive continual improvement, the Supplier Support Committee launched the 2013 Nadcap Supplier Survey at the October Nadcap meeting in Pittsburgh.

First launched in 2003, and released every 2 years since then, the purpose of this initiative is to gather feedback from Suppliers on their experiences of the Nadcap program. This Survey asks questions on topics which affect Suppliers such as redundant audits.

Responding to these questions will enable the SSC to represent the Supplier community and promote positive changes. These Surveys provide a great opportunity for Suppliers to have their voices heard.

The survey contains 26 questions and should take about 15 minutes to complete. The survey is also available to answer in French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Please click on the link below to take the Survey. The Survey will close during March 2014, and results will be analyzed and presented at the June 2014 Nadcap meeting in Dublin, Ireland.

The survey is available online at: