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Nadcap Measurement & Inspection

27 February 2018

Measurement & Inspection (M&I) processes are utilized throughout manufacturing to verify products meet specification. Failure to accurately measure can lead to performance degradation, sub-optimal products, manufacturing and assembly problems, increased cost and lead-time, reduced life, and part failure. A range of methods contribute to the effectiveness of M&I processes including calibration, product definition and interpretation of requirements, inspection planning and feature coverage, equipment and measurement process validation, maintenance and measurement environments, and training and competencies. Today, only a few of these processes are audited at a detailed-industry wide level, which causes M&I basics to be missed in current audit programs leaving high potential for product impact. To help with this issue, the Nadcap M&I Task Group was launched at the October 2012 Nadcap Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. Voting members were identified, procedures and checklists were developed, and the M&I program was released in 2013. As of October 2016, Al Berger of GE Aviation is the Nadcap Measurement & Inspection Task Group Chairperson, supported by Vice Chairperson Norman Gross from The Boeing Company. The Task Group is also comprised of over 30 industry representatives from 27 different companies.

The Nadcap M&I audit program includes all the fundamentals, as well as technology specifics. The M&I program is structured in a way that allows for flexibility, ensuring it can be deployed globally, across a chosen supply chain, against a specific commodity and specific technologies. The M&I Task Group covers Coordinate Measurement Machines, (CMM), Laser Trackers, Articulating Arms, Airflow Benches, 3D Scanners, and general measuring equipment. Coordinate Measurement Systems audit mandates currently include audit checklists for Coordinate Measurement Machines (AC7130/1), Laser Trackers (AC7130/2), and Articulated Arms (AC7130/3).

Each Nadcap M&I checklist is described below:

  • The base checklist for M&I is the AC7130 Audit Criteria for Measurement & Inspection Accreditation Program. This checklist is utilized for all audits and covers general Supplier data, training, calibration, etc.
  • The AC7130/1 checklist covers Coordinate Measurement Machine operations and calibration to include compliance work reviewed on the production floor. Scanners that are mounted on these systems are not covered by this checklist.
  • The AC7130/2 checklist focuses on Laser Tracker operations and calibration to include compliance work reviewed on the production floor.
  • The AC7130/3 checklist examines the Articulating Arm operations and calibration to include compliance work reviewed on the production floor. Scanners that are mounted on these systems are not covered by this checklist.
  • The AC7130/4 checklist, is the newest M&I checklist. This checklist is to be used for Three-Dimensional Structured Light Scanning Systems audits starting on or after 4 March 2018. This process is used for hand-held and fixed position scanners that can capture far more measurement data points than with conventional measurement processes, and much quicker. The M&I Task Group can foresee these processes as the wave of the future and the group will be defining the specific equipment that this checklist will apply to when mandated.
  • The AC7130/5 checklist covers Mass Airflow Measurement of Turbine Engine Parts, operations, and calibration of equipment to include compliance work reviewed on the production floor.
  • Additionally, PRI saw an opportunity to help improve and develop the M&I Community activities and therefore has released the General Inspection AC7130/6 Checklist for calipers, micrometers, run-out gages, plug gages, no-go gages, etc.

The Nadcap Measurement & Inspection checklists are publicly available in under Resources / Documents / Audit Criteria / Measurement & Inspection (AC7130). Additionally, editable Word versions of these checklists have been created to help Auditees conduct their Nadcap self-audits – they can be found in eAuditNet under Resources / Documents / Public Documents / Measurement & Inspection / Word Copies of Checklists. It is crucial that Auditees make sure they use the latest version of the checklist, as this is the one which will be used by the Nadcap Auditor during the actual audit.

eQuaLearn’s Nadcap Audit Preparation- Measurement & Inspection training course provides a complete overview of all Nadcap M&I checklist requirements. This two-day training covers the scope of the Measurement & Inspection Audit and reviews the top audit findings related to M&I audits. Upcoming training sessions will be conducted in Sheffield, UK on 19-20 March 2018; Troy, MI on 21-22 August 2018; and Torrance, CA on 13-14 December 2018. A complete list of all eQuaLearn training dates and locations are available on the eQuaLearn website. Please contact an eQuaLearn team member if you have any questions or would like assistance with registration.


Written by Dave Marcyjanik, Nadcap M&I Staff Engineer