Nadcap Symposia in Asia

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Nadcap Symposia in Asia

18 March 2013

Building on the success of activities in Asia in recent years, PRI will hold two Nadcap symposia in March 2013.

On 25th March 2013 in Shanghai, PRI and COMAC will hold a symposium looking at four areas: chemical processing, heat treating, non-destructive testing and shot peening.

Then, on 27th-28th March 2013 PRI has worked with the JAQG to organise a symposium in Japan focused on chemical processing and heat treating.

All aerospace suppliers, whose customers have requested that they obtain Nadcap accreditation, are invited to attend. The sessions will be led by PRI Staff Engineers and Nadcap Auditors with presentations focused on Nadcap checklist requirements, common non-conformances and other significant issues of interest to the local supplier base.

The purpose of the session is to provide information to aerospace suppliers who have not yet had a Nadcap audit so that they are able to move forward with confidence.

For more details about the Chinese symposium, please contact Liu Le at and for information regarding the Japanese symposium, please contact Yoshi Hashizume at

Nadcap Symposia in Asia

02 December 2011

For the first time in October/November 2011, PRI, the not-for-profit organization that administers the Nadcap program, held a series of symposia in Asia. The aim of these events was to provide information on Nadcap, including how the audit and accreditation process works, common non-conformances as well as to host technical sessions focused on special processes.

Two symposia have been held to date, one taking place in Aichi, Japan and the other in Shanghai, China.

Supported by the JAQG in Japan and COMAC in China, PRI Staff Engineers discussed Nadcap accreditation in chemical processing, NDT, composites and heat treating followed by question and answer sessions. Topics covered included an introduction to the Task Group, how to prepare for a Nadcap audit, what to expect during the Nadcap audit and a review of the relevant audit checklists.

The symposia proved popular with delegates travelling from China and Japan to participate. In total, there were over 160 attendees in Aichi, and approximately 180 at the event in Shanghai.

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