New webinar about Aerospace Escapes launched by eQuaLearn

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New webinar about Aerospace Escapes launched by eQuaLearn

19 April 2010

Aerospace escapes need to be taken very seriously.  When they are not recognized, escapes can cause fatalities. Flawed parts have been fitted in commercial planes without anyone realizing or recognizing them as flawed parts. As a result, a number of airline crashes have occurred due to faulty fuel lines or hydraulic fittings. In another case, 20,000 parts processed improperly had to be recalled at a cost of $20,000,000.

To improve the situation, PRI’s professional development program eQuaLearn has introduced a new webinar called “Awareness of Escapes in the Aerospace Industry: Avoiding Costly Mistakes”. Developed with input from industry experts, this webinar is designed to educate aerospace companies about the risks and provide strategies to avoid them. The first session takes place on 27 April 2010.

Chet Date, Director of Quality Systems & Regulatory Compliance at Honeywell Aerospace supports this training as he explained: “Escapes are a serious issue for the aerospace industry. Recalls are costly and problematic as aircraft are complex machinery operating in a challenging environment. It is vital that non-compliant aerospace parts are identified and communicated as quickly as possible to prevent serious accidents.”

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