“One of the best auditors I’ve worked with over the last 30 years”

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“One of the best auditors I’ve worked with over the last 30 years”

05 March 2012

Over 4,000 Nadcap and NUCAP audits were conducted in 2011. After each audit, the auditors are rated by the companies they visited. This enables the aerospace industry, which oversees the audit and accreditation process, to ensure that the auditors are fulfilling their function properly and identify opportunities for improvement.

Nadcap is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute on behalf of the aerospace industry as an oversight tool for special process suppliers to the industry; NUCAP is the audit program for aerospace prime contractor members of Nadcap.


Over 99% of the aerospace suppliers audited reported that the auditor who visited their facility acted in a professional and business-like manner, with comments such as:

“[The auditor] was very professional and pleasant to work with. He took the time to explain any questions and requirements… He also took the time to talk with the people performing the process so that they were relaxed and not nervous. This is a great attribute and made the entire process much less stressful for all parties involved. I would rate the auditor on a scale of 1 – 10 a 10.”


The technical knowledge of the auditor base was also very good, with an over 99% approval rating and comments such as:

“It is unusual to come across an auditor who is so knowledgeable in both the practical and technical aspects of their specialist subject. As well as his in depth knowledge, there was also a genuine passion which was evident from the very start of the audit… He is a true credit to his profession. [The auditor] certainly made an extremely positive impression on all who he came into contact with.”


As a global program, Nadcap and NUCAP audits are conducted all over the world. As such, being able to handle the challenges of internationalisation is important, with the auditors playing a critical role. Auditees were asked to indicate whether the communication between the auditor and themselves was clear enough to prevent language barriers from impacting the audit results. Over 99% agreed that language differences did not impact the outcome of the audit with several appreciating the fact that they were allocated an auditor who spoke their language, along with comments such as:

“In addition to being a very knowledgeable, polite and thorough auditor, [he] was sensitive to the cultural differences between Japan and the US that may affect the audit process.”


With companies having Nadcap and NUCAP audits on a regular basis, it is important that there is consistency between the auditors, to make the process as standardized as possible so it is fair and unbiased. 96% of the companies audited in 2011 agreed that their auditor was consistent in their application of requirements as compared to previous audits, with comments such as:

“As always, the level of competency and auditor effectiveness was very good… Appreciated the experience of working with another PRI auditor.”

“One of the Best Auditors I’ve worked with over the Last 30 Years”

Many auditees compared their experience with other audits they’ve had and auditors they’ve hosted in their careers, with comments including:

“I would highly recommend [this auditor] to anyone. Being a Quality Director for 32 years, I learned much from this man.”


“I have worked in the Quality field for approximately 21 years and have participated in well over 100 external audits…I am very satisfied with the performance of and the results of our initial [Nadcap] audit… The auditor was very professional and never lost his objectivity.”

“We can still improve”

Joe Pinto, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute commented: “Although PRI staff interact with aerospace suppliers on a daily basis to schedule and process Nadcap and NUCAP audits through to accreditation, in many ways it is the auditors who are the real face of the organization. They are the ones who meet our customers face-to-face and have more intensive involvement with them. As such, they have a real influence on how the industry views Nadcap and NUCAP. I cannot overstate how important this feedback is in giving me a true picture of how our customers feel. Although there are definite positives to take away from this data, I believe that we can still improve and I will be working with staff, auditors and customers to make the program the best it can be.”