Performance Review Institute Management Change

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Performance Review Institute Management Change

05 August 2010

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) has long been known for supporting quality in the aerospace industry through Nadcap special process and product audits. The company recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as a key part of the aerospace supply chain management system. Looking forward to the future, PRI will continue to safeguard the flying public through quality-focused initiatives with its aerospace partners.

To take the organization forward, at the 29 June 2010 meeting, the PRI Board of Directors approved Joseph Pinto as the next PRI Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He will succeed Bill Wagner in this role and will begin on 16 August 2010. In addition, Arshad Hafeez has recently left PRI.

As the leadership transition occurs, PRI remains focused on providing outstanding value to the industry and is operating as usual. PRI continues to provide its full portfolio of products and services, and is committed to improving the quality in all that it does.